Robotic Automated blister pack technology with an accuracy rate of 99.98%

Benefit from this service and FREE GTA Delivery.

  • Get clean and safe medication.
  • Time and track with peace of mind.
  • Get the most from your medication.
  • Easily see if medication was taken.
  • Never mistake your medication again!

Robotic Automated Blister Pack Technology (SYNMED)

Leon Pharmacy Offers an Automated Blister Pack Service to Patients that is FREE .

  • Robotic automated blister pack technology. This reduces medications  being physically touched when packaged , enhancing the already sanitary pharmacy environment.
  • All prescriptions are grouped by dose and time of day in detachable blister packs. The time for each dose is clearly identified using a colour code and a pictogram.
  • All your medication images are on the label and everything is color coded with a large font.
  • See at-a-glance if medications were taken.
  • Patient's picture can be placed on the package for quick identification. 

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*For seniors that are in the higher ODB Copayment category, ask about how this blister pack service will affect your copayment amount.

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